We are a company that organizes events, which is oriented to guide the client when making an unforgettable event. Event organization involves the advice, coordination and orientation of a variety of services such as: protocol, catering, floral design, food, decoration of spaces, music and entertainment; characterized by having the highest quality, creativity and details in each and every moment.

Preparing a wedding always carries great responsibility, but also taste and knowledge. We offer you 17 years of experience, taking care of everything: our team will plan, organize, direct and be in charge of the development of your wedding. A team of high-quality suppliers in each area come together, according to your needs and expectations, making your dreams come true.

Our creative vision and our expertise in Floral Design allows us to create something unique and unforgettable. Full of details using colors, flowers, leaves, seeds, vines, candles, lights, accessories, sweets and more, achieving romantic, elegant, and exclusive spaces. Above all, we identify with you, so you feel special in a day that was meant for you.

“Diego Torres Event Planner & Floral Designer: Exceeding your Expectations”

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  • Professional advice to organize your event.
  • Protocol service during the event.
  • Catering and assembly of everything you need for your social event (tents, tables, chairs, etc).
  • Buffet, gourmet food and/or salt and sweet snacks.
  • Unique design and floral decoration for each event.
  • Decoration of spaces and environments attached to the place chosen for the party.
  • Background music and live groups to liven up the party.
  • Animation for thematic hours, mimes or dancers, etc. to create an hour of illusion and magic.
  • Pyrotechnic games.
  • Agreements with suppliers in all areas according to your needs.
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Living in harmony with nature is an important part of your lifestyle.

Your Garden represents your space of recollection; of meditation or even inspiration; our specialty in floral design allows us to create a truly special and unique garden.

We specialize in tailoring our designs to your preferences, by incorporating trees, floral sculptures, lighting, decorative rocks; water fountains, carved curbs, hedges, shrubs and varieties of herbal plants among others, allowing us to offer you a very special space.

Some of the many styles which we can create vary from vertical gardens, to English, French, and Japanese. Inspired or guided by your architecture or preference; that is integrated into the interior of your space and allows you to enjoy it day by day.

Love is awesome

And our love for our work shines amongst every piece, every space, and every detail