Diego Torres

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador Diego Torres is a young entrepreneur who began his career at the age of 18. His love for design and floral art took him on a long journey of preparation. He started by studying design and floral art in Quito, Ecuador at the age of 21. Torres obtained first place as a professional floral designer in Armenia. He continued studying in Palmeria, Colombia and obtained one of the highest awards from the city. He later traveled to the Cataluña school of floral art in Spain. His desire to open his own business took him off to study gastronomy and business administration at the University of Azuay. After completing these studies Torres attended the University of Pavia, Italy where he obtained his master’s degree in Floral Design.

Today, he has several businesses, he is an event planner, a floral designer, and a recognized chef who specializes in fusion cuisine.


  • Partner of ADEFI (Association of Ibero-American Florists).
  • Professor of etiquette and protocol at the CECAEM gastronomy school.
  • Professor of protocol and organization of events at the gastronomy school CECAEM.
  • Partner of the National Garden Club.


  • 1st place in the V Ibero-American Cup of Floral Art and Design representing Ecuador.
  • III place in the XXV European Cup of Young Florists worldwide, in the framework of the “Festival Di Fiori” Italy.
  • Technique and Shape FEDERFIORI Vigevano Italy.
  •  Flower Festival Turin Italy.


Diego Torres brings his creativity to a new level by incorporating impressive pieces of art within each of his exclusive events. He is a passionate wedding planner and designer, bringing to life fresh floral designs and artful collections.


Art Boulle is recognized for quality, passion and appreciation for the history of the arts that imbue every one of our masterpieces. Our skilled and pioneering ironsmiths are solely dedicated to the creation of fabulous works of art, crafted with such grace and radiating with such beauty that even the savviest collectors and manufacturers are awed in their presence.


– “FDG is a brand of one of the best companies in floral decoration and setting for events; its prestige has traveled the entire country due to his creativity; quality and excellent service.

Its partners were Magda de Zafra; Boris Goercke; Santiago León and Diego Torres; who for 10 years worked as a team standing out in each proposal made.

Our experience in thousands of events, combined with charisma, allowed our work to be among the best in Cuenca and the country (Ecuador).

One of its characteristics was to capture every detail requested by the client; but always with a comprehensive guide and advice, obtaining perfection in it.

Our thanks to each of them; for your contribution; delivery; passion in what they do and their collaboration, since several photos in this gallery are the result of their professionalism.


I thank each collaborator for their valuable contribution to this page; they have been the ones that have allowed me to capture the magical moments created for each occasion.

We have always recommended and worked with the best providers in the field and their professionalism stands out in each image and video that we can enjoy. Your portfolio is on each of your accounts or pages.

Jayro Andrade: Photographer of Weddings (Ec)

Tatiana López: Photography (ec/us/ca)

Andrés Mercado: by Mcfilms (ec)

Felipe Idrovo: F – RECORDS FILMS (ec/us)

Marcela Rodas: Backstage (ec)

Carlos López: (ec/us)

Love is awesome

And our love for our work shines amongst every piece, every space, and every detail