Every bride dreams of her big day and we take great pride in making it perfect. We plan and think of every detail; from the living room to choosing the menu, the cake and how the ceremony plays out, what liquor to offer and who will be the photographer; we always guide you with the best team of suppliers. However, when it comes to decoration that is our main area of expertise; and we are passionate about creating each event to deliver something truly special.

Undoubtedly the wedding dress is what makes the bride stand out and of course the ideal complement is her bouquet, a crucial part of the bridal outfit. The bouquet is important as it’s mandatory but also because it’s a key representation of you (the bride). That is why we customize them in a variety of ways, from the colors and styles to the shape (compact, messy classic drops, spring, majestic Rosmelia, and more). These are some of the many variables that we can create for you. Always fresh, accurate; impeccable making them unique and unique to each bride, with details of ribbons either made of lace or organza; jewelry; and even charms according to each personality.

Let’s not forget that it must be in harmony with the dress, and of course with the colors chosen for all the decoration.

If we look back at history, bouquets have become a tradition for several centuries and their use was initially unromantic, since it is cited that their objective was to drive away evil with the use of garlic branches or even provide good aromas to overshadow the bride’s by means of aromatic herbs.

For us, it’s very important to please you so that you have your perfect bouquet, of course keeping in mind a design that shines with your personality. Our team will be there to guide and advise you, you just have to imagine it and we will create it for you.
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